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We are dedicated to sharing the most cutting edge research. Our passion is sharing information that can change lives. Information that is not only cool, but practical and useful. Our goal is to become a depot of information that has you both glued to your computer screen and putting it to practice when applicable.

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Some of the research will pertain to health, which should not be acted upon until consulting with your physician. We’re not doctors, so we are not giving medical advice when we share research related to health. Don’t buck your doctors advice based on something you read here. That’s not what our site is about. We’re sharing research to expand your awareness, giving you better footing to make more informed decisions.

Use Common Sense

Not all experiments are conclusive. That’s why the conclusion will use language like, “suggests” or “possible.” When you have a small body of evidence, it may suggest that a certain method or tool may prove to be successful, but a causation relationship cannot be stated. Don’t get suggestions and causation confused. They’re totally different. When the research suggests something, go and do more research on your own before coming to your preliminary conclusion. Then, if it’s not involving something serious or life altering, like health, experiment on your own.

If research suggests that by starting your day off by reading for 20 minutes will boost your productivity, then try it for yourself and see how it works for you. When the research suggests that changing your diet and cutting out a certain food may have a certain result, that’s when you consult with your physician first.

You will need to use a certain measure of common sense when navigating our site, but we will try to be clear about when you should consult with your physician and when you can go experiment on your own.